Lumail - The console email client


As the client is still under active development there isn't a complete set of documentation yet, so this page just indexes some useful resources.

If you have an questions please do get in touch

Command-line flags

The lumail client accepts several command-line flags, which this page documents.

The default configuration file

The default configuration file gives a flavour of how the software can be configured. It also documents the default keybindings.

The examples page

The example page includes several functions you could add to your own configuration file, to do interesting things with your mail.

External input processing.
As of v0.25 lumail can read input from a Unix domain socket, and this page shows how.

The getting started guide

The getting-started guide gives a basic overview of the client, and introduces you to using it.

Lua primitives

Each of the Lua primitives that lumail provides is documented, usually with an example.

The news page

The news page is mostly used to announce new releases.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have two frequently-asked-questions pages: