Lumail - The console email client

This project is now archived, and "complete". See #361 for more details.

Examples of Lua functions

lumail has an embedded Lua interpreter which is used to configure keybindings, perform general configuration, & etc. If you're new to Lua you might find the Lua website and the Lua Unofficial FAQ useful resources.

Testing Example Code

To test a new function it is often useful to do that in isolation, rather than from within the client. The simplest way to do that is to launch an example from the command-line like so:

$ lumail2 --load-file ./test.lua --no-curses

Here we've supplied the --no-curses command-line flag, such that the main graphical loop doesn't occur. This means that once the loaded file is executed the application will terminate.

NOTE: This assumes you've installed the client, such that the standard initialization functions are present.

Sample Code

Changing outgoing email-address

This example shows how to change the outgoing email-address, on a per-folder basis.

Spam training

Here we show two different approaches to training SPAM messages.