Lumail - The console email client

Examples: global_unread()

This example highlights the power of a modal client. Remember that with lumail you're always in one of three modes:

The following function has the net result of showing all unread mail, in a list, regardless of which folder it is contained within:

-- Open all folders that contain unread messages, and view them  all.
function global_unread()

   -- set the mode appropriately.
   maildir_limit( "new" );
   global_mode( "maildir" );

   -- ensure we have no selected folders.

   offset = 0;

   -- Now for each one we'll add it to the selected set.
   while( offset <= (count_maildirs() - 1) ) do

      -- jump to folder.
      jump_maildir_to( offset )

      -- Added the folder to the selected set.

      -- move to the next.
      offset = offset + 1;

   -- Now we've added all maildirs with new mail to the list
   -- of selected maildirs.
   -- Jump to the global index-mode, and view only new mails.
   global_mode( "index" );
   index_limit( "new" );

The key to this is to remember that more than one folder may be selected at the same time, and that the index-view will show a union of all selected folders.