Lumail - The console email client

Lua primitives: bounce_path()

NOTE: Lumail-legacy has been superseded by Lumail 2.x, which has a wholly unified Lua API.

The bounce() primitive allows you to bounce a message to a new recipient.

Generally this will be carried out by code which runs:

$ cat path/to/message | sendmail "recipient"

Because in this scenario we need to invoke sendmail with a recipient, not reading that from the input message, we've defined a command to be executed in bounce_path().

Although not ideal it allows you to cope with two different uses of sendmail.

For example:

-- The default value:
sendmail_path( "/usr/lib/sendmail" );


This function has been available since version 0.21.

See Also

See also compose, get_variables, reply, send_email, sendmail_path.