Lumail - The console email client

Lua primitives: wrap_lines

NOTE: Lumail-legacy has been superseded by Lumail 2.x, which has a wholly unified Lua API.

When a single messages is being viewed the display will consist of three parts:

The wrap_lines boolean allows you to specify whether long-lines should be wrapped, or truncated in the display of the message body

A simple example:

-- Toggle wrapping.
function toggle_wrapping ()
     if wrap_lines == nil then
         wrap_lines = true
     elseif wrap_lines == true then
         wrap_lines = false
     elseif wrap_lines == false then
         wrap_lines = true

-- Bind to 'w' in message-view
keymap['message']['w'] = 'toggle_wrapping()'


This function has been available since version 0.15.

See Also

See also display_filter, headers, show_attachments.