Lumail - The console email client

This project is now archived, and "complete". See #361 for more details.

lumail screenshots

This page contains some simple screenshots of the mail-client in operation, if you prefer you can watch a short video, which gives a more natural flavour of things:

lumail is a modal client, which contains a number of distinct modes. This page shows screenshots of the major display-modes:


The following shot demonstrates a view of a list of folders.

maildir-mode view

The inverse-line represents the currently selected folder, which could be opened by pressing return. The colours are configured according to my preferences, and can be changed:

  • I colour folders matching the pattern "Automated*" in Yellow.
  • Folders containing unread messages Red.
  • Folders matching the pattern "lists-*" in Green.


This is a default view of a folder, with no changes made:

index-mode view

The selected-line is red because that mail is unread, as is also indicated by the N flag.

The following screenshot demonstrates the use of our threaded display of email:

index-mode threaded-view


The following two screenshots demonstrate the display of a single message, including the default highlighting:

message-mode view

This message is obviously unsolicated SPAM, but it demonstrates the correct display of UTF8 characters, so it makes a good sample message.

message-mode view

The colours used here are my own personal preferences, and can be updated as you prefer.