Advantages and disadvantages of the Linux operating system

The Linux operating system has its advantages and disadvantages, as do any other operating system. You have to remember them before you transit to a new operating system.

Advantages of the Linux operating system

Linux’s great demand comes from its several big advantages.

  • Free OS. Any Internet user can download, install, and use this operating system free of charge, as well as modify Linux in their own way and distribute digital copies.
  • Big community. This OS has thousands of fans, including developers who create new distributions, post online updates for existing Linux versions for download, develop drivers, and help newcomers.
  • Big developer support. Many GNU/Linux distributions work well on older versions of computers. In this, they surpass macOS and Windows. Develop drivers for the correct operation of all known versions of computers.
  • Low exactingness. You can use the OS on the server with 100 MB of RAM and no GUI at all, with Linux running correctly.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Linux operating system should not stop you from using this software if you need it for your own development.


Disadvantages of the Linux operating system

Some users are disappointed after the transition to one of the variants of the Linux operating system. The reason for this is a few shortcomings of this software.

  • It is difficult to use. Users who transit to Linux after Windows or macOS. This system has a completely unique structure.
  • Custom software is not available. You will not be able to use programs like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word. However, Linux developers have long created analogs for these programs, which are equally high functioning.
  • Gaming problems. Not all gameplay applications function correctly on a Linux operating system. Nevertheless, that’s not a problem: now developers are working on this problem.

You have to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of Linux, and so it’s a tool for doing a certain range of tasks.