Brief description of the ОS Linux Mint

The Linux Mint operating system is the newest development of Linux-based operating systems based on Debian and Ubuntu. The operating system was created and sponsored by a team of developers as well as directly by the user community. The main purpose of creating a version of Mint and the entire Linux is the desire of programmers to present to the world a modern, convenient, and practical operating system that is both simple and understandable to use, as well as delighting the user with its capabilities.

Mint is the version of Linux that did this in the best way. Simplicity is the main operating principle of this OS. You will have no difficulty using this OS, unlike Windows 10 or 8. Linux Mint and its installing will allow you to start listening to music or watching movies. The reason for this is the presence of drivers, players, and codecs on the OS.

This operating system has full support for various multimedia formats. It is also available for download as a bundle with a large list of open source programs for all occasions. Clement Lefebvre is the founder of the project, who together with a team of enthusiasts improves the system by receiving donations from users and sponsors for their work.