Ethics in the field of information technology

The three most influential fields of human activity that govern the modern world are economics, politics, and technology. However, there is such a system to which all these directions are subordinate. That is so-called ethics. Ethics is essentially a set of values, and values and ideals govern any field of human activity. Also, each directs the person’s intentions and leads him to achieve goals.

The primary value for modern humans is internal and external freedom. It concerns both practical and field communication. So, information technology is no exception. In this article, we would like to describe the features of ethics in information technology.

Information technology field: contact with ethical principles

Modern technology addresses the problems of human values and moral attitudes. All this gives meaning to our lives and guides people into a better future. Because of this, we remain part of our civilization.

Information technology is a direct product of science. So today, its basic principle has changed its direction of movement. It used to have such a structure as “service of truth and knowledge for truth and knowledge because truth begets benefit.” Nevertheless, many modern scientific advances have given humanity technologies and products that make our lives easier and have become a source of catastrophes like war and natural disasters. Unfortunately, some negative factors result from the scientific development of society, too.

Information technology ethics have great importance for practical activity. They actively interact with fields such as industry, political practices, economic structures and communication. Today, IT is hugely popular and relevant. For example, corporations increase their economic power, and governments in authoritarian countries use them to create political propaganda. All this is too bad, but information technology ethics has always been aimed at excellence and good for society. So, this system struggles with the mercenary use of its benefits globally and continuously.

information technology and virtual reality
IT and virtual reality

The culture of the modern information society is closely linked to virtual reality. This is a structure that includes symbols, signs and images. On the Internet, there is a different system of ethics that differs from the real one. For example, in this system, people communicate with another person’s representation, but that is not this human himself.

Experienced Internet users have long remembered that the virtual world has and actively uses a unique communication culture. It includes approved or condemned behaviors. Even though the Internet is a virtual world part of human life, these rules work. This principle does not work in such worlds as fiction works. Among them are video games or books.

Information technology is about ethics in another field. For example, it allows users of IT products to understand the principles of their correct use. Hippocrates said, “There is enough where it is not too much.” Today, this principle is as relevant as in ancient times. Users should not visit the Internet and social networks too often. The fact is that it promotes individual health. Information technology brings benefits to society. One of them is a way of conducting media that people should not use for selfish purposes. Sometimes, politicians do this, harming society’s integrity and suppressing its desire for progress.


Today, the Internet and cellular communication have become our elements. The fact that almost all modern people use to communicate with such a method as virtual reality. This fact has led to the fact that it does not seem to be something inexplicable to modern man. Specialists and regular citizens should apply the results of scientific progress only based on special moral rules. This principle applies to all fields of practical human activity. Ethics information technology allows us to use all the benefits of technology correctly and efficiently. Also, each of them helps society navigate it at the most current level.