The benefits ОS Debian

Debian is the name of a Linux-based operating system. It consists of completely free and open-source software. Debian GNU is currently considered one of the most popular and influential distributions on Linux. The earliest version of this OS has had a huge impact on all other Linux types. Debian GNU on Hurd is another version of this operating system.

The Debian OS is very popular in today’s professional world. It has a huge storage of libraries and utilities ready for use. This system can find competitors who, however, cannot compete with it in the number of supported architectures. Among such competitors are the ARM, which owners of all integrated devices use, and the IBM S/390, which mainframe owners use (not to mention x86-64). A variety of tools are involved in the operation of the storage. APT is the most popular tool. This is the Advanced Packaging Tool.

Debian is the name that the developers got by writing the names of the founders of the project, namely Ian Murdock and his wife Debra Lynn. The Debian operating system was an excellent incentive for many distributions, including Linux Mint, antiX, Ubuntu, and Maemo.