The Vola Sports App for Android

Vola Sports is an application for the Linux-based Android mobile operating system. Its main function is to broadcast various sports events on the screen of your phone.

Watching Sports Events Online

The Vola Sports app offers users broadcasts of all major sports events. Via it, they will be able to watch football, hockey, basketball, baseball, cricket, swimming, etc. On the main screen, one can watch the events that are currently available online. Alternatively, you can choose any sport, after which you will be shown options for events for you to select the one you like.

The user will be offered to select one of the streams and start watching the video. It is possible to adjust the volume and brightness during the process. The streaming has functionality similar to other unofficial streaming services, such as TV TAP. However, given the main focus on sports, one cannot watch movies or TV channels via this app. So those who are looking for where to find and download free Android applications for watching sports should consider Vola Sports.

The application makes use of the IPTV protocol and downloads content over an Internet connection. So it is better to use Wi-Fi if your tariff implies limited traffic from your mobile operator.

Useful Tools

The application’s interface is quite simple — there is almost nothing to learn. You can turn on or off the dark mode. This can be convenient when watching broadcasts at night.

apk app

Besides, it is possible to share any broadcast with friends using popular messengers, such as Telegram or WhatsApp. It’s even better, though, to send them links to websites offering app downloads for Android so that they can install Vola Sports and other useful utilities.

Vola Sports’ functions:

  • allows one to watch broadcasts of sports events on a mobile device;
  • various sports are available to users at any time;
  • one can select one of the available streams and adjust the brightness and volume of a video;
  • it is possible to switch to the dark mode for a better experience when there is no light around;
  • allows one to share broadcasts with friends via messengers;
  • free download and use for Android.

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Bluetooth customizing at Ubuntu and its methods

Often, there are such issues when you must configure the connection to the phone or headphones on Bluetooth. In fact, you are unlikely to experience much difficulty in this exercise because a simple and quick Bluetooth configuration in Ubuntu will help you.

Standard settings methods

First, you need to open the settings. To do this, click on the icon called Bluetooth Settings, which is at the top of the desktop. Then you should put a plus icon, and after that, you can move the Bluetooth device to interface mode. You should immediately open a manual detailing this step if you don’t understand how to do it yourself. Once the plug-in headset is in interface mode, you should turn off your device. After this step, you will click a multifunctional button on your headset for 10 seconds so that the Bluetooth indicator glows blue. Next, you click the button called «continue» to start setting up new devices on Ubuntu.

After you perform all these simple acts, the user will see a sign that the operating system has successfully recognized the device. Now, you will have to choose this device and press the button under the name «continue» so that the settings can be finished.

The next step is to open «Sound Settings» and click on the headset for audio output in the opened window. Don’t forget to specify which data transfer mode Bluetooth is responsible for. It is also important to remember that the microphone will work in A2DP mode.

Settings of a Bluetooth Internet connection in a smartphone

There are times when the need to connect to the Internet comes from a device like a laptop. But you are faced with a problem like an expired tariff or other reasons that make it impossible to do it by the regular method. You can easily avoid difficulties if you use a smartphone with an active Internet connection that will always be within reach. Then you can easily link WiFi to the Android smartphone and Ubuntu desktop.

Toshiba Bluetooth Drivers free download
Toshiba Bluetooth

Ubuntu is connected by Bluetooth to WiFi on the Android Device as follows:

  1. The first is the inclusion of Bluetooth. Then, you should go to the sector with Bluetooth settings and click on the plus icon to connect to the Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. You will see a window and choose a button called «Next».
  3. Next, you will see are dialogue box in which the user will confirm that the selection that the Android displays is correct and the same as the Ubuntu version of the device. If all is well, you should click on «Matches».
  4. The next stage is the conjugation of devices. Once this process is complete, you can quietly enable the Bluetooth modem on your device so that WiFi is transferred to a device with Ubuntu operating system. If you want to turn the modem on, you should go to the settings and choose a sector with wireless frameworks. There, you will find an item called «Portable Access Point and Modem», and inside this Bluetooth, the modem will be On/Off.

All next steps will not cause you difficulties. You will open the WiFi list on your laptop and choose the «Change connection» function. After two clicks, you will see a submenu for Bluetooth and select from the available list of networks that runs through your Android Device. After that, you can easily use WiFi. But you must remember that your speed will be extremely limited.

So you can use the site where you get a large library of applications free downloads, that will help you download Toshiba Bluetooth programs. At the same time, it will be your best assistant in installing drivers, settings and other issues that arise when necessary to connect different devices of the Toshiba brand with support of Bluetooth technology to a single framework.

Alternatives to Linux

The operating system is a major part of computers and mobile devices. Linux is an operating system that has open-source. Linus Torvalds is his developer. It supports most platforms and is available in almost all languages of the world. The monolithic type of core is the main way of its functioning.

Chalet OS

It is a wide-ranging operating system with a complete and unique configuration and greater coherence. This is a great alternative to Linux, as it has a huge number of installed programs that are suitable for multimedia, weather, security, and even work. This allows users to provide optimal service promptly.

Elementary OS

This popular operating system will be optimal for those users who plan to use MAC. The main strength of this product is its simple and beautiful interface. In addition, it is very ergonomic. It performs the functions of the Internet, Bluetooth, sound and battery. This robust system immediately looks like a desktop and helps the user navigate easily from one option to another.


This is another alternative to Linux. This OS is the result of collaborative work between translators, testers, and developers. First of all, it focuses on user-friendly use. A free product has open source and is easy to use. It has many useful options; including there are music equipment, performance, office, e-mail, and photography.


A simple and understandable system has requirements compatible with any modern device. It has many universal features, and this makes the product unique. Among them is the Ice concept. This option allows you to connect web content as an application. You do not need to connect to the URL. Other useful features are also available on this system, including there are file manager, screen lock, and personal settings.


This system is a useful alternative to Linux with a qualitatively new core and attractive appearance. This OS is produced with different packages of settings and functions that will fit any type of desktop. To install, you will need a small number of custom configurations. This is why it is gaining popularity every year.

All of these operating systems have open source and a variety of options that users can use as an alternative to the Linux OS. These systems have the characteristic of ease of application and security that makes them popular in the development environment.

Where Linux is used

Operating systems on a Linux platform are things that users around the world value and some areas of human activity even use this OS even more often than Windows. It is virtually unused for home computers because it requires the installation of special software.

Web services

Linux distributions have almost completely taken over the server and web server market. Similar operating systems are a choice of users almost 71.6% of 10 million first domains. That’s why other servers only use Windows. Linux is free, so it is advantageous for computer specialists to use it on special servers. In addition, you do not need to purchase a special license to use this software.

Mobile devices

Android has a platform in the form of Linux Intel that helps us say that it is used in almost all mobile devices. Bloomberg conducted a study that showed that 8 of the 10 smartphones ran on Android. It became very popular due to its openness and ease of use.


Each supercomputer is unique and requires a special approach from users so that they can solve the given task immediately. Linux source code is open, which allows developers to customize the operating system in such a way that it performs all necessary functions correctly. At the same time, we must remember that this activity has a legal basis. In today’s world, all supercomputers use Linux.

Game consoles

The development of this field of Linux is still incomplete. Steam is constantly working on this problem, so it’s creating SteamOS. Subsequently, it will become part of a game console called Machine. According to Valve’s CEO, their corporation’s operations are aimed at creating valuable sensory control and an open game platform, so Windows has a little prospect in the near future.


OS routers are provided by software systems based on the Linux platform. The reason for this is that Linux is a free product that helps users do all the right things. However, some devices have the disadvantage of not being updated for most operating systems, making them vulnerable and easy prey for attackers.

IoT devices and smart house techniques

Most modern devices like the smart house use the Linux platform. For example, Samsung created Tizen OS for smart TVs and washing machines on the Linux platform. LG uses WebOS and Philips and Panasonic uses FirefoxOS in the same way.

Arms industry

The Ministries of Defence of Russia and America use Linux for their own systems, as the source code of this software is open, allowing them to detect and neutralize spies in the fastest possible time.

Transportation and aviation

Most car companies use Linux to run onboard computers. Among them are Tesla cars, as well as vehicles equipped with Google’s autopilot. The American aviation industry has switched to Linux and now uses it to control the traffic of equipment that functions exactly on the basis of this system.

Windows or Linux: select the best operating system

Windows and Linux are two of the most popular operating systems that computer users often compare, and thus they try to figure out which of these operating systems is optimal. In this article, we will describe the strengths and weaknesses as well as the peculiarities of both options. We will also name the best system for a particular user, such as Windows or Linux.


Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. 85 % of the planet’s computers have this operating system. This high level of popularity is the result of several strengths of this OS, such as:

  • compatibility with any software;
  • simple installation of the system and an interface that is easy to perceive;
  • an extensive community that helps users find solutions to problems or bugs;
  • regular updates of all current versions of the OS.

Our next task is to describe the second version of OS, which will help us find the answer to the question of whether Windows or Linux is the best option.


Only 3% of the world’s computers have this system. This is why it is significantly inferior to the popularity of both Windows and another OS called MacOS. However, this OS has several strengths, such as:

  • availability of dozens of distributions with different functions for any task;
  • a fully free license that allows you to buy and pay distribution;
  • this OS does not collect user data and has free code;
  • OS has a high performance even in the case of unproductive computers;
  • a user has control over all activities within this OS.

Thus, Linux is better than Windows due to its security, the ability of the sharp setting system for a particular user’s queries, and free distribution. At the same time, only advanced users will be able to start using this system without difficulty.

Optimal OS

Therefore, we will not be able to answer this issue. In addition, the question of why Linux is better than Windows remains unanswered. You may have different computer uses and the reason for which the OS option depends. Windows will be good for all those users who plan to use it for everyday use. A light and developed operating system will be understandable even to those people who know nothing about IT.

If you want to completely regulate the system and dream of the safety of its operation and high operating speed, then the Linux system will be the ideal choice for your purposes.

If you plan to find the answer to the question of which of the two operating systems is better, you can install both Windows and Linux on your computer at once. This will allow you to choose one of two options right during the boot phase of the OS.

App description Sports Alerts NBA edition

The Sports Alerts app series is specifically designed to enable fans of various team sports to view how matches unfold. One of these tools in the NBA edition allows users to watch video games in basketball while receiving smartphone notifications.

Sports Alerts: general characteristic

Sports Alerts app is a program for devices with Android operating system, which is developed for basketball fans. In this way they can monitor the games of professional teams from the NBA. This idea proves to us that the main advantage of the program is its technical part. Important information is transmitted through push-messages rather than through background services, as implemented in some other similar programs. And by doing so, Sports Alerts does not impair the bandwidth of the Network, nor does it result in an accelerated battery discharge.

You can android app download absolutely free, then apply this program in your plans. Some features pay-per-view, such as live watching of matches. This is done through paid subscriptions.

There are several features of Sports Alerts.

  • ability to follow games live;
  • displaying current account through a special regularly updated widget;
  • information on the composition of teams;
  • setting up of warning cards for Android Wear;
  • browsing the game schedule;
  • data management on the performance of individual players in the season;
  • viewing news by command.

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You can turn on or off such a status alert for each match. These include alerts for the following moments:

  • start and end of the match;
  • change of the leader;
  • crossing the 30-point mark;
  • crossing the 40-point mark;
  • made 20 effective passes;
  • tripp-double fixation;
  • change in performance against scores for team leaders;
  • warning of a tense ending, which the application will determine by two parameters: no more than 4 minutes before the end of the match, and no more than 5 minutes’ break on points.

Other types of Sports Alerts program series make their users happy with similar features. However, you should understand their level of program for those fans who are interested in sports betting. The ability of free download applications for android is very useful. You can watch NFL, NBA, and MLB live video matches.

Applications free downloads is available by switch to a specialized online catalog of mobile tools.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Linux operating system

The Linux operating system has its advantages and disadvantages, as do any other operating system. You have to remember them before you transit to a new operating system.

Advantages of the Linux operating system

Linux’s great demand comes from its several big advantages.

  • Free OS. Any Internet user can download, install, and use this operating system free of charge, as well as modify Linux in their own way and distribute digital copies.
  • Big community. This OS has thousands of fans, including developers who create new distributions, post online updates for existing Linux versions for download, develop drivers, and help newcomers.
  • Big developer support. Many GNU/Linux distributions work well on older versions of computers. In this, they surpass macOS and Windows. Develop drivers for the correct operation of all known versions of computers.
  • Low exactingness. You can use the OS on the server with 100 MB of RAM and no GUI at all, with Linux running correctly.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Linux operating system should not stop you from using this software if you need it for your own development.

Disadvantages of the Linux operating system

Some users are disappointed after the transition to one of the variants of the Linux operating system. The reason for this is a few shortcomings of this software.

  • It is difficult to use. Users who transit to Linux after Windows or macOS. This system has a completely unique structure.
  • Custom software is not available. You will not be able to use programs like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word. However, Linux developers have long created analogs for these programs, which are equally high functioning.
  • Gaming problems. Not all gameplay applications function correctly on a Linux operating system. Nevertheless, that’s not a problem: now developers are working on this problem.

You have to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of Linux, and so it’s a tool for doing a certain range of tasks.

Linux operating system creator: summary

Linux is a large family of core-based operating systems that have been very popular with Internet users and supercomputers for almost 20 years. The most important advantages of this operating system are unlimited customization, free download, and compatibility with dozens of different processor architectures. However, in this article, we will not talk about the benefits of Linux. Our main character is the creator of this system.

Founder of the first Linux system

The creator of Linux is Linus Thorwald, born in 1969. Both of his parents were journalists, but their son gave preference to the exact sciences of physics and mathematics during school. The future creator of Linux entered the University of Helsinki in 1988. He graduated with a master’s degree in cybernetics after eight years. But the history of the Linux operating system began even earlier. This was in 1981, when Linus’ grandfather first introduced him to the Commodore VIC-20 computer, which was the basis for complex mathematical computing. This encouraged Linus and his interest in programming.

The future creator of Linux bought his own computer, the Sinclair QL, which at the time was worth 2,000 USD. Thorwald was inspired by the book «Operating systems: development and implementation», which Andrew Tanenbaum wrote (creator of OS Minix). Linus was disappointed with some of the shortcomings of his software. This gave Linus the start of creating his own terminal emulator. In this way, a simple function has passed into a huge range of software possibilities and options that became like a real operating system.

Linux operating system history

The first version of Linux was published by this man on September 17, 1991. The release was well received by the public, and in a matter of months, thousands of programmers learned who created the Linux operating system. People appreciated the benefits of this and built their own modernizations.

Today, hundreds of different distributions exist that are designed for specific tasks. There are versions for installing on servers, workstations, supercomputers, mobile devices, and even game consoles. Brazil, China, and India are countries, which “love” Linux more than other ones. Linus Thorwald, however, uses the Fedora distribution.

The benefits ОS Debian

Debian is the name of a Linux-based operating system. It consists of completely free and open-source software. Debian GNU is currently considered one of the most popular and influential distributions on Linux. The earliest version of this OS has had a huge impact on all other Linux types. Debian GNU on Hurd is another version of this operating system.

The Debian OS is very popular in today’s professional world. It has a huge storage of libraries and utilities ready for use. This system can find competitors who, however, cannot compete with it in the number of supported architectures. Among such competitors are the ARM, which owners of all integrated devices use, and the IBM S/390, which mainframe owners use (not to mention x86-64). A variety of tools are involved in the operation of the storage. APT is the most popular tool. This is the Advanced Packaging Tool.

Debian is the name that the developers got by writing the names of the founders of the project, namely Ian Murdock and his wife Debra Lynn. The Debian operating system was an excellent incentive for many distributions, including Linux Mint, antiX, Ubuntu, and Maemo.

The specifics of ОS Ubuntu

Ubuntu is an operating system based on the Debian Linux core. It is versatile and comfortable. It is ideal for use on laptops, desktops, and web servers. This OS includes all necessary utilities that the user needs. These include Internet surfing applications, a suite of office applications to work with text files and presentations, Internet communication, and spreadsheets.

All programs for this OS are available for download with open code, and this fact is consistent with the main goals of Linux creators and especially Ubuntu. Among them are the following features:

  • All versions of the Ubuntu operating system are available for free download. These include those for corporate use that require network security updates.
  • Ubuntu has full software with all the necessary software from the development studio Canonical as well as hundreds of other studios from all over the world.
  • Ubuntu has all the tools and techniques that will make it easier for people with disabilities to interact with this operating system. Disks with the operating systems do not contain only free software.