The Vola Sports App for Android

Vola Sports is an application for the Linux-based Android mobile operating system. Its main function is to broadcast various sports events on the screen of your phone.

Watching Sports Events Online

The Vola Sports app offers users broadcasts of all major sports events. Via it, they will be able to watch football, hockey, basketball, baseball, cricket, swimming, etc. On the main screen, one can watch the events that are currently available online. Alternatively, you can choose any sport, after which you will be shown options for events for you to select the one you like.

The user will be offered to select one of the streams and start watching the video. It is possible to adjust the volume and brightness during the process. The streaming has functionality similar to other unofficial streaming services, such as TV TAP. However, given the main focus on sports, one cannot watch movies or TV channels via this app. So those who are looking for where to find and download free Android applications for watching sports should consider Vola Sports.

The application makes use of the IPTV protocol and downloads content over an Internet connection. So it is better to use Wi-Fi if your tariff implies limited traffic from your mobile operator.

Useful Tools

The application’s interface is quite simple — there is almost nothing to learn. You can turn on or off the dark mode. This can be convenient when watching broadcasts at night.

apk app

Besides, it is possible to share any broadcast with friends using popular messengers, such as Telegram or WhatsApp. It’s even better, though, to send them links to websites offering app downloads for Android so that they can install Vola Sports and other useful utilities.

Vola Sports’ functions:

  • allows one to watch broadcasts of sports events on a mobile device;
  • various sports are available to users at any time;
  • one can select one of the available streams and adjust the brightness and volume of a video;
  • it is possible to switch to the dark mode for a better experience when there is no light around;
  • allows one to share broadcasts with friends via messengers;
  • free download and use for Android.

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