Windows or Linux: select the best operating system

Windows and Linux are two of the most popular operating systems that computer users often compare, and thus they try to figure out which of these operating systems is optimal. In this article, we will describe the strengths and weaknesses as well as the peculiarities of both options. We will also name the best system for a particular user, such as Windows or Linux.


Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. 85 % of the planet’s computers have this operating system. This high level of popularity is the result of several strengths of this OS, such as:

  • compatibility with any software;
  • simple installation of the system and an interface that is easy to perceive;
  • an extensive community that helps users find solutions to problems or bugs;
  • regular updates of all current versions of the OS.

Our next task is to describe the second version of OS, which will help us find the answer to the question of whether Windows or Linux is the best option.

Linux vs. Windows


Only 3% of the world’s computers have this system. This is why it is significantly inferior to the popularity of both Windows and another OS called MacOS. However, this OS has several strengths, such as:

  • availability of dozens of distributions with different functions for any task;
  • a fully free license that allows you to buy and pay distribution;
  • this OS does not collect user data and has free code;
  • OS has a high performance even in the case of unproductive computers;
  • a user has control over all activities within this OS.

Thus, Linux is better than Windows due to its security, the ability of the sharp setting system for a particular user’s queries, and free distribution. At the same time, only advanced users will be able to start using this system without difficulty.

Optimal OS

Therefore, we will not be able to answer this issue. In addition, the question of why Linux is better than Windows remains unanswered. You may have different computer uses and the reason for which the OS option depends. Windows will be good for all those users who plan to use it for everyday use. A light and developed operating system will be understandable even to those people who know nothing about IT.

If you want to completely regulate the system and dream of the safety of its operation and high operating speed, then the Linux system will be the ideal choice for your purposes.

If you plan to find the answer to the question of which of the two operating systems is better, you can install both Windows and Linux on your computer at once. This will allow you to choose one of two options right during the boot phase of the OS.