Where Linux is used

Operating systems on a Linux platform are things that users around the world value and some areas of human activity even use this OS even more often than Windows. It is virtually unused for home computers because it requires the installation of special software.

Web services

Linux distributions have almost completely taken over the server and web server market. Similar operating systems are a choice of users almost 71.6% of 10 million first domains. That’s why other servers only use Windows. Linux is free, so it is advantageous for computer specialists to use it on special servers. In addition, you do not need to purchase a special license to use this software.

Mobile devices

Android has a platform in the form of Linux Intel that helps us say that it is used in almost all mobile devices. Bloomberg conducted a study that showed that 8 of the 10 smartphones ran on Android. It became very popular due to its openness and ease of use.


Each supercomputer is unique and requires a special approach from users so that they can solve the given task immediately. Linux source code is open, which allows developers to customize the operating system in such a way that it performs all necessary functions correctly. At the same time, we must remember that this activity has a legal basis. In today’s world, all supercomputers use Linux.

Game consoles

The development of this field of Linux is still incomplete. Steam is constantly working on this problem, so it’s creating SteamOS. Subsequently, it will become part of a game console called Machine. According to Valve’s CEO, their corporation’s operations are aimed at creating valuable sensory control and an open game platform, so Windows has a little prospect in the near future.



OS routers are provided by software systems based on the Linux platform. The reason for this is that Linux is a free product that helps users do all the right things. However, some devices have the disadvantage of not being updated for most operating systems, making them vulnerable and easy prey for attackers.

IoT devices and smart house techniques

Most modern devices like the smart house use the Linux platform. For example, Samsung created Tizen OS for smart TVs and washing machines on the Linux platform. LG uses WebOS and Philips and Panasonic uses FirefoxOS in the same way.

Arms industry

The Ministries of Defence of Russia and America use Linux for their own systems, as the source code of this software is open, allowing them to detect and neutralize spies in the fastest possible time.

Transportation and aviation

Most car companies use Linux to run onboard computers. Among them are Tesla cars, as well as vehicles equipped with Google’s autopilot. The American aviation industry has switched to Linux and now uses it to control the traffic of equipment that functions exactly on the basis of this system.