Alternatives to Linux

The operating system is a major part of computers and mobile devices. Linux is an operating system that has open-source. Linus Torvalds is his developer. It supports most platforms and is available in almost all languages of the world. The monolithic type of core is the main way of its functioning.

Chalet OS

It is a wide-ranging operating system with a complete and unique configuration and greater coherence. This is a great alternative to Linux, as it has a huge number of installed programs that are suitable for multimedia, weather, security, and even work. This allows users to provide optimal service promptly.

Elementary OS

This popular operating system will be optimal for those users who plan to use MAC. The main strength of this product is its simple and beautiful interface. In addition, it is very ergonomic. It performs the functions of the Internet, Bluetooth, sound and battery. This robust system immediately looks like a desktop and helps the user navigate easily from one option to another.


This is another alternative to Linux. This OS is the result of collaborative work between translators, testers, and developers. First of all, it focuses on user-friendly use. A free product has open source and is easy to use. It has many useful options; including there are music equipment, performance, office, e-mail, and photography.



A simple and understandable system has requirements compatible with any modern device. It has many universal features, and this makes the product unique. Among them is the Ice concept. This option allows you to connect web content as an application. You do not need to connect to the URL. Other useful features are also available on this system, including there are file manager, screen lock, and personal settings.


This system is a useful alternative to Linux with a qualitatively new core and attractive appearance. This OS is produced with different packages of settings and functions that will fit any type of desktop. To install, you will need a small number of custom configurations. This is why it is gaining popularity every year.

All of these operating systems have open source and a variety of options that users can use as an alternative to the Linux OS. These systems have the characteristic of ease of application and security that makes them popular in the development environment.