Video surveillance organization through Linux applications

We all know that cybersecurity is an important component of modern Internet use. There are many viruses, phishing attacks, and malware that threaten Internet users day after day. However, you should not forget the traditional dangers, too, such as burglaries or break-ins of homes and companies. In order for you to be able to protect yourself and your confidential data, you must install video surveillance.

In the past, you’d have to pay for the CCTV process. Today, many holders of CCTV cameras have a Linux-based computer that helps them provide surveillance through special applications. However, you can also search for programs of various kinds for iPhone and iPad. Some specialized websites include them. There, you can make some iOS app download for Apple devices.

Some of these applications bring not only benefits but also profits. So, if you download Sweat Wallet iOS, then Move-to-Earn will realize its most important strengths. The user will receive tokens for walking around with a smartphone in his pocket, which he can sell and earn money in the future. However, in this article, we will describe some programs for Linux that help users to set up a video surveillance system.


It is a handy program that helps users quickly configure the video surveillance system. At the same time, this program includes many useful tools that will be useful for you not only in a private home but also in the commercial sector. This program is compatible with normal web cameras and with IP ones. It also has versions for Linux-based PCs and Android or iOS-based mobile devices. What’s more, you can set up a HDO movie if you have an iPhone or iPad and you like to watch movies.

This mobile app will help you get information on movies and TV shows, as well as build a unique collection. ZoneMinder streams videos and has a photo mailing function. It is a very handy program because it helps to monitor indirectly. In addition, you can grant access rights to the program to other users in this program. Thus, this program is a fairly flexible tool that fits different distributions today.

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This program is perfect for those users who are in search of easy and understandable software for IP cameras for Linux. At the same time, Xeoma excels not only at home but also in commercial use, as it allows the user to set up the processing of two thousand video cameras simultaneously. It can be a variety of camera types, such as simple web cameras with USB connections and surveillance cameras with WiFi connections.

There is remote access, enabling an alerting feature for motion detection, as well as taking snapshots from each monitor, among additional features. Also, this program helps the user to configure individual algorithms to avoid false alarms. This is a convenient feature for those families in which young children and pets live.


This is another free program that helps users to determine whether the main part of the image from the video signal has changed. It is created by the «C» programming language that is suitable for all Linux distributions that are compatible with the video4linux interface.

The main feature of this program is that it can provide video surveillance even on low-power devices. It helps users to set camera activation at certain intervals for timely monitoring of the situation, as well as alarm and video recording when movement is detected. Although it does not have a wide range of functions, this program perfectly copes with its general task.