The importance of IT for the gaming industry as exemplified by Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the coolest RPGs to come out recently. The long-awaited game from the Japanese studio FromSoftware, known for its complex action RPGs, has fully met fans’ expectations. The developers of Elden Ring have promised and successfully implemented new gameplay mechanics, offering a mystical story and improved graphics, attracting many genre fans’ attention.

One interesting aspect of the game is getting a gesture of erudition, which allows for fun interaction with other gamers and is useful for solving puzzles.

How IT Allows You to Create Beautiful Games

Before we continue, we want to underline that developers had to use various IT technologies and programs to create virtual products that now seem ordinary. For example, they used software like Adobe Photoshop and 3D Studio Max to create textures and design levels. Additionally, various game engines, such as Unreal Engine or Unity, were used in the development process.

Developing gameplay mechanics is one of the most difficult aspects of creating game projects of different genres, including RPG. The creators of Elden Ring had to develop and implement a magic system, including spells to use in battle. The implementation of such spells can be achieved through programming and the use of various algorithms.

Furthermore, physical models are implemented in engines that allow for realistic physics. Thus, the gamer can cast a spell and see how it affects the physical parameters of the character and the surrounding world.

The Evolution of IT Technology in Terms of Game Development

The use of IT technology in game development dates back to the 1970s when developers began implementing technology available to launch entertainment projects. Today, IT technology continues its rapid development, and developers use more complex tools and programs yearly to create unique worlds and mechanics.

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Additionally, technologies for the gaming world are often used in other fields, such as visualizing architectural projects or generating 3D models in the industry. Simultaneously with the evolution, new challenges arise. For instance, developers must consider the limitations of hardware so that a game functions on different devices.

There is also a risk of overcomplicated mechanics, which can result in a degraded experience. Nevertheless, the use of technology continues to expand, allowing for more realistic and immersive games. Elden Ring is a prime example of this. Gamers will enjoy not only the complex combat mechanics but also the exciting magic created through various technologies in the development process.

And all this still needs to be successfully combined with the plot twists. For example, gamers need to learn the instructions for receiving a special gesture, the motto of which is “Erudition guide thee.” Obtaining this gesture is almost impossible, adding to figuring out everything. This is just one example of how development studios today use interesting ideas and advanced IT technology to create game aspects.


In conclusion, Elden Ring is a great example of how a pool of IT technologies is used to produce cool game projects. They help developers create unique virtual worlds and mechanics that make gamers go wild. Every year, technology becomes more advanced, opening up new perspectives!