What is a content strategy?

Most companies need a content strategy in order to systematically produce content and get the most out of it. In this article, we’ll explain what such a strategy consists of.

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What does a content strategy consist of?

A content strategy includes:

  1. Goals.
  2. A description of the target audience and customer journey.
  3. Researching the content your competitors are putting out.
  4. The formats of content you plan to publish.
  5. A description of your communication processes.
  6. A list of platforms you will publish content on.
  7. Ways to promote content.
  8. Metrics to help determine if goals are being met.

Unlike a content plan, a content strategy is developed at a macro level and sets the overall direction. A content plan is a more narrowly focused tactical tool that helps bring the strategy to life. It specifies specific actions. For example, when, where, and what will be published, and who will handle this or that task.

Why do you need a content strategy at all?

Building a quality content strategy helps with the following things:

  1. It makes it easier to create effective workflows.
  2. It makes it so that developers begin to focus on priority goals.
  3. It gathers input, which makes it easier to get employees to engage with it.
  4. It adapts the company to changing market conditions.
Content strategy

What types of content exist?

It is impossible not to mention what types the content itself is divided into speaking of content strategy.

Informational content

Informational types of content are meant to be helpful. Before buying a product or ordering a service from a company, any user gathers information. What exactly is an informational type of content? For example, trying to find out which smartphone model is better or worse. Your job, when you create such content, is to give it a comprehensive answer.

Selling content

Selling content can look like this:

  1. Reviews, comparisons, and testing of products – both their own and competitors.
  2. Examples of how to use the product or service.
  3. Case studies – testimonials in the form of customer interaction stories that demonstrate process and relevance.
  4. Various reviews.

The last point is worth highlighting in a special way. Reviews are designed to familiarize you with the properties of a new product or service, the rules of treatment, and the peculiarities of setting up services. When they mean selling content, they mean creating reviews in 70% of cases.

Entertainment content

Entertaining content is necessary in order not to bore the audience. With its help, you can get closer to your readers and thus increase their loyalty. The entertaining content format includes the following:

  1. Memes.
  3. Comics.
  4. Quizzes.

Content is what will drive you to success. If you approach creating a content strategy responsibly and you can implement it competently, you can definitely beat all your competitors and get into first place in search results.